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Every time the weather changes I tend to want some more fashion and beauty items that I consider are must haves for the season, and as the weather is getting warmer(correction, extremely hot ) here I want more skirts, dresses and sweat proof makeup. So I wanted to show you some of my choices and i would really love if you would share yours with mine, I want even more inspiration, from you.

Let's start with the first item that pops into my head, stripes. I love stripes lately and I want stripes in every item of clothing possible, so browsing the internet for the perfect striped dress I found this one that would be perfect for my figure.(CLICK HERE). Also the second dress I find really versatile and pretty, it can be dresses up or down so easily.

White is my new color obsession along with light powdery peachy pink and as my feet aim for comfort a pair of lovely whit All Stars are the perfect choice for me.

So I try really hard to not show you a bag in this wishlist and the reason is basically that I bought 4 in the last month, and I think I should stop, even though I am craving a big light colored bag that can fit all my life in it. 
Another think that I really love are midi skirts, the high wasted above or over the knee skirts. I find them really flattering, and to be honest I am not that into really short skirts that all the stores sell, I prefer them a bit longer to cover up what is needed and also to look great on the body. On mysilkfairytale.com (CLICK HERE) I found these amazing skirts and dresses, and this light pink one is my favourite. The color and length are perfect!

Makeup wise and skincare wise I don't need more more, but as always I have my eye on something really pretty or useful. First of all, talking about makeup, this eyeshadow primer is just pure awesomeness, I swatched last week in Sephora and fell in love. Why? Because is this beautiful gold shimmery perfection that covers the lid, and as I wear gold coppery makeup 90% of the time I want it, and i want it bad!

Also from Too Faced I have popped on my wishlist my favorite mascara, the Better than Sex. Best mascara for volume and length that I found so far. Please give me suggestions for awesome volumizing mascara in the comments, I really need a new one, and hopefully a cheaper one. 

So this are my little wishes, not so many, but I think they are staples. What are your wishes for spring and summer?


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  1. I badly want a new pair of Converse, but also I want Vans. And as we are on shoes, I also really want Nike's Air Force. For clothing, I could go on for days :)). But for makeup I also want the Shadow Insurance from TooFaced, and the Naked Basics palette♥


  2. This is a super idea for a post....i think i will do the same except go buy the items too it i find them, what do you think?

  3. This is a super idea for a post


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