About Me

Passion and complexity are the traits that make Andreea slightly different than your average blogger. Passion for beauty, lifestyle, fashion and the desire to create an unique and complex content of all of the things that define her brought www.andreeaserban.ro to life.

Student,  future programmer and blogger, Andreea has one quote that defines it all: Be the best possible version of yourself! I have learned that there is no logical reason in comparing your work, in no matter what state with anyone else's, but instead you must build your own to the best version that it can possibly be, in the most personal and unique way. 

Writing has always been a passion, a passion that grew throughout the years along with drawing, music and photography. Art has always had a place well known and has always influenced her life and actions. 

Writing is for me a form of seeing myself in the mirror. I write, when I am sad, when I am happy, when I want to talk to myself. I just start writing, just like I used to draw. I write about beauty because everything around us has beauty, has something that needs to be discovered, people the most. I write for myself, and I write for you, and I want you to come in this journey with me.

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