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If there is one thing that I would hate to lose is the ability to be creative, inspired, and most of all never get bored. And you wonder how? Oh, well, to be honest creativity is something you do get born with, but maintaining it might be a challenge, as it is incredibly easy to get lost in our daily routine. So how to stay creative? This is the post for you!

1. What inspires you? Set the mood!

I am certain that you love music and there is certainly some kind of music that boosts your creativity or that you feel goes perfectly with your vibe while you work on something? Well, fin yourself a good playlist! That's one element that boosts your creativity because it keeps you in the mood, and also it might get you in the mood. When I draw I mostly prefer piano songs, Ludivico Einaudi being one of my favourites musicians, Yiruma has his spot right there as well. Recommendations? Yes. If you have access to Pandora radio please try their piano station, it is impossible to not like it. For some music might not be the case, sometimes you don't focus well enough whilst listening to music, so for you the environment might have some sort of influence. Find things that you like and redecorate your desk a bit, keep all of the things you need close, and also try to stay near a window, not only you will have light, but you will also have a place to let your mind wander. I always tend to let my thoughts wander while looking outside the window.
Also 8tracks is an amazing spot on the internet to find awesome

2. Write things down!

No, don't make lists... They never helped me and honestly I got disappointed when I saw that I could not keep up with what I planned. I am to busy to actually be able to plan my hobbies too... So, what to do? Grab yourself a post it and start brainstorming. You don't have to keep it (i usually lose them), but that way you can get loads of ideas and focus on the one that you liked the most. Also have a section in your planner or some note on you phone with some of your best ideas, just in case you need some more inspiration at one point.

3.  Create an inspiration board

Pinterest may be one of your best friends when it comes to creating boards for anything, its easy, practical, doesn't take any space in your room, and be honest, you do waste some time on the internet anyways every single day, you might put that to good use. I like using pinterest a lot, even more lately so that I can find ideas, organize them, add inspiring quotes and stuff... Also Weheartit might be helpful, you can find anything there, and both do have an in-bbrowser button so that you can pin or heart anthing you randomly find and add it to your board.

4. Challenge yourself!

Yes, no matter you are working on a piece of code, a drawing, a post, writing an essay or whatever you may do, challenge yourself so that you can do better. Set your goals and do your best to achieve them. I have this thing that sometimes I take the hardest part to do in a project just because I want it done well, ad because I want to challenge myself to do it better.

5. Have a good read!

Reading is one of the best ways to create. What do I mean? While you read you are basically the director of the movie of the book you are reading. You create the characters, the environment, and you see the story through your own thoughts and feelings, and yes that is something totally different from seeing the movie. It is a great boost for your creativity, so choose something interesting and let your mind play with it.

Lots of Love,

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