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So today I started scrolling to see what was the photo that I posted 52 weeks ago, as to be more precise a year ago. For the fist time in my life I found a better use for instagram than posting random selfies and weird pictures.

So this was I 52 weeks ago... and I had no idea what was coming up next.

In 2014 I realized what a true soulmate means, and I am not talking about a lover, but the best friend that I could ever find. I met him in 2013 and it was one of the best things of my life.

In 2014 I went in Szeged for the first time with my best friend and one of my roomates, our common friend. It was again one of the best days of my life and it always makes me smile when I remember that whole adventure. As, I and my best friend never had to make plans, things just turn out in the most natural and awesome way.

In 2014 I had the urge to cut my hair short, twice, because it seems that wanting your long hair back again is a feeling that I needed in my life, Oh, and also I was a redhead, and then back to brunette, and I don't remember of I had anymore blonde, but the pictures don't seem to show me that.

In the summer of 2014 I was vegan and raw vegan for quite a while. The reason I gave up to that lifestyle was the overwhelming schedule from school, work, so basically I started eating what I could, when I could. I am actually thinking of going back to being raw vegan again.

In 2014 I ate macarons for the first time. So random, but so worth mentioning, these cute things are amazing.

In 2014, in summer, I was genuinely happy and grateful.

The year that passed I turned 21! Yes, damn! And my 21th birthday was the most amazing day that I ever lived, and I will always be grateful and keep those moments in my heart.

I actually managed to bring to life one dream of mine in 2014, and that was to buy my DSLR. I have dreamed abot having one for a while, and in Autumn I finally got it. That was another really beautiful moment as it was one dream that I could accomplish just by myself.

Also, in Autumn I created this blog, and found amazing bloggers that have not only inspired me, but also shown me what wonderful people they are.

In winter I learned very important lessons about people, about life, self worth, about disappointments and about things that I should always be grateful of. I opened my eyes really wide and saw exactly where I stood, who I am and who should be around me, so for the ones that stayed, thank you, you will always be appreciated by this cat. 

I met new people this year, some amazing ones, I learned a lot from them, and also from the ones that I already knew. I have loved, I've been happy, I had my not so happy moments, but we all have sometimes, I built myself and I will continuously do that.
I am grateful for everything, as they all made me the person that I am today. So the best is yet to come!

Lots of Love,

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  1. Ce drăguț! :) Să ai un an nou fericit!

  2. Imi place la nebunie cum desenezi:P Mi-a placut si postarea. Esti tare draguta.Pupici si un an nou cat mai bun in toate :*


    1. Multumesc!:*
      Cat mai multe bucurii in noul an si tie!

  3. Nu știu dacă doar mi se pare sau chiar așa e dar din prima poză parcă semeni puțin cu Nina Dobrev.

    Referitor la restul pozelor, au fost unele pe care nu le-am văzut la momentul respectiv dar și unele pe care le-am revăzut. Deci mă bucur că știu o mare parte din postările tale.

    Îți doresc să ai un an cel puțin la fel de frumos precum 2014, să te regăsesc mereu pe blog cu postări la fel de bune ca până acum și sper ca acesta să îți aducă multe oportunități interesante.

    Și îți mulțumesc și pentru fiecare vizită, pentru că mă bucur să te văd că ești activă mereu la fiecare postare.


    1. Multumesc mult, Andreea! Sper si eu ca anul ce urmeaza sa fie bun, mai exact sa ma descurc in ceea ce am de facut. Iti multumesc si eu ca ma citesti si sper ca postarile mele sa fie din ce in ce mai bune si sa fie de ajutor. De asemenea cu mare drag sper sa fii si tu mai activa pe blog pentru ca mereu mi-au placut postarile tale si de asemenea sa ai parte de un an frumos si plin de realizari!
      Lots of love!^_^

  4. Ce postare frumoasă! Eşti tare drăguţă, îţi doresc să ai parte de un an minunat! Să fii sănătoasă, fericită şi alături de cei pe care îi iubeşti! Te pup&La mulţi ani!


    1. Multumesc mult! :*
      Iti doresc si eu un an nou plin de bucurii si sa ai parte de tot ce iti doresti alaturi de cei pe care ii iubesti!oh, si La multi ani! hihi

  5. Ce dragut!
    Si imi place ca ti-ai luat aparat profi! Sa il folosesti cu drag! Pupici


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