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I have never used a compact foundation, a cream I mean, I did play  around with some powder compact foundations,  but I never really got along with them. I was really curious about this one, I received it from a friend and it was brought from the states, unfortunately you can't find it in Romania in stores, nor I know a website that ships it here. (which is why my review is also in English, as I thought this might be helpful for some that ca get hold of it).

First of all i must say I really like the shade. There are 8 shades available and I am in Classic Ivory. I found that the foundation is more yellow toned, but is not extremely yellow as some other drugstore foundations are. You get 9.9g  in a pot and it comes with also a mirror and a sponge applicator. I must say, I am not a fan of the applicator and I honestly didn't like the finish by using that. I find that this kind of creamy formula is better applied with a wet sponge such as beauty blender, real techniques complexion sponge, you name it, but make sure to have it damp. Why? Because if you want a beautiful natural finish this is the only way to make this formula blend seamlessly into your skin. Brushes? I will be honest and tell you that I don't really use brushes to apply my foundation anymore, only if I am using mineral foundation, the way my skin looks by using a sponge is way much more natural and flawless than by using a brush. Also I don't like the finish of this foundation by using my fingertips either, I feel like the product does not spread evenly on the face (or maybe i am not patient enough).

So, now that we've talked application, let's talk finish and lasting power. The finish is sort of natural to dewy, which I must say that if you have really oily skin you might not enjoy that. The tackiness and dewy finish goes away with powder and that sets it really well and provides a lasting power that is quite decent even for me that I have oily skin.  For me it lasts for about 6 hours, maybe 8 if I am a bit dry and it does not end up cakey and nasty throughout the day. The coverage of the foundation is medium I would say, but as far as I have played with it I don't think It would wear nice if it would be built up to much.

What really made me want to try this foundation is actually the high broad spectrum of SPF 55, now that would be a beauty in summer, but not if you are oily. This foundation goes really nice with oily to combination skin in the winter, when your skin is going towards a dryer side and you can manage to make it work, but in the summer I think normal to dry skin may enjoy this and actually appreciate the fact that they are covered if they forget to use their SPF cream.

I must say that I like this foundation for the days when I don't do much outside of the house, it obviously did not beat up my trusty Revlon ColorStay, but it is a foundation that I can work with and feel okay with the texture.

Skin type: Normal, Dry, Combination, but not very oily
SPF: 55
Best application: With a damp sponge, beauty blender type sponge
Texture: Creamy
Suitable for sensitive skin: Yes
Coverage : Medium


P.S. My question for you: What is your absolutely favourite, holy grail foundation?

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  1. I love the way you managed not to miss any detail regarding this foundation while testing it! Indeed, this foundation works best with a wet beauty blender. And by the way, I missed your posts! Glad you spared some time to put one up this evening! Hugs and kisses, dear friend!!

  2. I really like Colorstay from Revlon, the one for dry skin. You can build it up to full coverage, but you can also get a really light coverage and it looks very natural on the skin. :)

  3. I still can't bring myself to use foundation (for some reason I feel that anything I might use shows on my skin) but maybe it's time I tried the beauty blender. :-s

    1. Try the sponge. I haven't used a brush to apply liquid foundation in months :D

  4. Nu prea am mai folosit fonduri de ten în ultimul timp. Parcă prefer să mă axez mai mult pe îngrijire decât pe orice altceva. În schimb m-am înţeles bine cu CC cream-ul de la Gerovital. Aş vrea ca pe viitor să încerc un fond de ten ceva mai natural. Poate chiar un fond de ten mineral. Încă nu am cercetat prea mult aşa că îmi voi face "temele" înainte să cumpăr.


    1. Eu am incercat fondul de ten mineral de la Lily Lolo, i-am facut si un review. E chiar bun, acopera binisor, arata foarte bine pe ten, e as spune de nedetectat.



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