Dear Santa...


Dear Santa,

I must say that I tried to be a very nice girl this year, and also I kind of made your job easier with part of the gifts as I mostly bought them all myself.. in the last 2 months.. see my gift guide and you will understand, you might say I was naughty with all that shopping, but I least you don't have to carry them all. See, I was such a nice girl!

But, still, there are a few things that I want to ask for.. and no, it’s not Lancome or Yves Saint Laurent nor even Too Faced…although you know that a girl can dream, it’s something that I, myself can’t buy.
  • I want to find another place that can bring me at least half of the feeling of home, 
  • I want to smile more and not focus on all of the things that go wrong.
  •  Oh, and I want peace.. a lot of peace of mind. I can't even tell how important is that to me.
  • I want the ones around me to be joyful, to be happy and to never see them upset, although I know that in reallity that is not really possible, I would like to see them just a tad more joyful everyday. 
  • I want to find motivation... as to be honest for some things that I am  supposed to do, I kind of lost it, and you know very well what i am talking about.
  • Oh, and one more thing, I want to remember to always wake up grateful, no matter what happens. 
So, Santa, see you in a litlle while, and I hope you'll have some nice thoughts to make all of my whishes slowly come true. 


P.S. You have cookies in the kitchen, milk is in the fridge as always and don't forget to switch of the light when you leave. 

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  1. Multa sanatate si inspiratie! Bucura-te in fiecare zi de lucrurile frumoase, iar pe cele mai triste uita-le, dar invata din ele! :)


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