I know I normally would pop on here to talk about some beauty essentials that would rock your world and that you must have, but today I am here for a totally different purpose. I had a good old photoshoot today and thought I might share the story and also the outfit, just saying, but I am so in love with this coat, and it kept me surprisingly warm. 

I have been looking for a beautiful coat for such a long time... but none of them seemed to be what I wanted, or warm enough, or have the details that I was looking for.. none of them was right: it was too long, too short, no buttons, no collar, just one button, too meh.. So, for quite a while I thought that there is actually nothing for me on the market. I really wanted a smarter coat as I wanted another option than my parkas. 

So I was shopping with my friend a few days ago and I found it! I found THE COAT that had everything that I was looking for: it was quite smart, black, buttons - lots of buttons, a well, red accent  placement that I do enjoy, the right length... It was quite a chase and some disappointments along the way but I am very happy with this one. 

The rest of the day was just lovely spent in a coffee shop in town, drank a warm latte, shared some stories and some good food. Just lovely time.

I was wearing: 
Zara Coat | Takko Scarf | MANGO Sweater | MANGO Bag | CCC Boots

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