Winter Saga: Chapter 1- Welcome December!


My dear reader,

I thought I might actually take a moment and share some thoughts with you all, some of my feelings, as with you here, I found a little bit of magic thrown into my world.

To be honest, the last few years I was in the Christmas Spirit since about the middle of November, but this year, this year is different. The days flew by so fast, and I have been through a lot of things, a lot of feelings and moments, that some I want to keep with me for a lifetime, and that I will always be grateful for, but some, that I would like to lock up in a drawer and never see them again. So, today, I want to start this chapter, December, the last one of the year, the one that has to be, the final and best one.

I love this "knitted" time of the year, and in a way I kind of want to see a little bit of snow, just feel that it's finally here, the cold, but beautiful winter. I do reacall now some cute memories of a winter from 2 years ago, oh, the snow, his smile, the winter that brought some love into my life, that was one of my wishes.

This year, my wishes are a little bit different. Of course I have my little wishlist (soon the #WishesForChristmas will be here), but I also, have some wishes for my heart, and I wanted to share them with you, right here, right now.

My first wish, you can see on the little yellow paper in the picture, it says: "This year for Christmas, I only want to find peace and happines within myself." I've had a rough time latley, so that is why one of the things that I appreciate most is peace, the peace that comes from within, that moment when your heart is calm, no hurts, no sadness, just nice and quiet, and peaceful.

On my red piece of paper I wrote my second wish for Christmas: " I want to find the strenght to keep going further everyday". I pretty much want to be able to do what I have to do and what I love every single day. I want to be able to study, to learn for myself, to keep doing what I love with passion.

So, my dear ones, I have started this chapter with you, now tell me, what do you want for Christmas this year?

Lots of Love,

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