Winter Saga: Dear Santa...


I tried to be the best this year! I tried my best to keep up with everything that I had to do and tried my hardest to be there for the ones that needed me, to get over the hurt and keep going, go further, push harder and here I the end of it...this year is almost gone.

So, my Dear Santa, this is what I want to tell you. This Chrsitmas I want you to hop in that sleigh and sprinkle a little bit of happines over the houses that you fly above. I want you to tell Rudolph to light up the thoughts that some have and lend them some hope as they need it to keep moving forward.

I also want you to bring with all the snow, some peace and light into our hearts, some lovely feelings of love and grace. I want you to make people grateful for what they have and also make them apreciate the love that they were give, as not all of us are so lucky to be so loved and cherished by the ones that we love. 

Oh, Dear Santa, please make this a beautiful Christmas! And Santa, please bring a really good year, and strenght to us to keep going.

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