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Trying to find more vegan food options led me of course to smoothies, from the ones that I drink from my mason jar to the ones that I really enjoy making thicker and decorating them with loads of yummy fruits. I am going to share some of my recipes, as I have found some that are really delicious, beautiful in color and so full of nutrients that are amazing for your body.  All you really need to make them is a blender, of if you don’t own a blender you can use your food processor, anything that can blend them up and transform them into a smoothie is perfect.

Pink Parfait

This is the name that I chose for my lovely pink combination right here. It’s really easy to make and also it’s friendly for all year round and you will see in a minute why.

What you need:
-1 or two bananas (it depends on how creamy you want it and also the amount of liquid that you decide to add, I usually wing it)
-frozen raspberries
-frozen strawberries
-dried plums (about 3 or four) --they add sweetness without any sugars added to the smoothie
-vanilla essence/extract (optional)
-one spoon of maca powder (optional again, I add it for the health benefits and also it tastes a bit like vanilla)
-coconut milk (you can also use almond milk, rice milk, soy milk, whatever kind of non-dairy milk you have will be fine)

All you have to do is add them all in the blender, but make sure to add the banana first. The reason I say that it that if you don’t have a very powerful blender this will make it a bit easier for it to work.

Pour it all in a mason jar, add a straw and you have a beautiful drink!

Green Energy

I was so scared of green smoothies until I actually decided to make one. Of course there are various combinations that you can make, but this one in particular I found to be very refreshing and energizing.

What you need:
-a handful of spinach
-one orange
-the juice of half a lemon
-one apple
-coconut milk (about half a cup)
-half a cup of water
-optional: a banana
- 4or 5 dates
- a few frozen strawberries
- half a tea spoon of ginger
-also you can add hemp seeds or some chia seeds

Now when you look at the list of ingredients you might think it sounds a bit odd, but the explanation is simple: you have spinach, which is good, but not easy to drink, so you want to make it a bit more sweeter and pleasant to drink, right? Okay, so the orange and the lemon go really good with the spinach, they also help in making everything lighter and will help your digestion (which is why I recomment this one for the mornings). The apple and the strawberries are there for the sweetness and to cover a bit the “green” taste, so it becomes more enjoyable. The dates are the replacement of sugar, you will see that in vegan recepies dates are used quite often. The milk and the water… oh well, you may use just water if you want to, but I prefer a slight coconut flavour to my smoothies so I decided to add that in.

You add all of it in the blender, the greens on the bottom, and you blend it until it becomes nice and green (don’t add to many strawberries, it will turn brown).


Getting around to the smoothie bowl area. Why are they different, and why are they sometimes better than a smoothie? Well, basically here you have a base and also some toppings which makes it more of a meal than a drink. When you drink your smoothie you might feel like having something solid to eat too, which is fine, but the smoothie bowl has everything in one place and it is also great as a light dinner.

Vanilla Blast and Fruit Decadence

No, I have no inspiration for a better name, so we’re going to roll with this one.

For the base:
-2 or 3 bananas (you know how much you can eat, or how hungry you are)
-coconut milk (if you have the one in the can, add a spoon of the cream)
-o spoon of maca powder
-vanilla extract/essence
-three spoons of hemp seeds
-4 or 5 dates

All of these you add to your blender, but add a smaller amount of liquid, so that it is a bit more creamy. Pour it in a bowl.

For the toppings:
Here you can basically add whatever you want, all of the fruit that you like (avoid apples though, I don’t really like the combo and my stomach either) . In the previous photo I added some banana, musli, black currant and some sea berries. You can make any sort of combination that you like, I usually add berries or whatever else I have in the freezer or fresh. Just enjoy the fruit that you can find in the season.

All of these recipes are vegan, healthy and full of nutrients. As a bonus, in any of them you can add some chia seeds, as it is a superfood and it will make sure that you get what your body needs.

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  1. I didn't think I could be hungry for smoothies until I read your posts! Not only that they look delicious, but they're healhty!
    Kisses!! <3

  2. It looks delicious <3 I should try them.. especially since there's months since I said I'll start eating.. cleaner and doing some sports :D

  3. I will try 1st one, sounds so delicious :)


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