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I tend to pay a lot of attention to details, and I think you do too, I mean, when you read my blog there is certainly something that you notice, something that you like and  maybe things that you would have liked me to do in a different way. Today I want to share with you what makes me stop reading a blog and I will kindly ask you to share your opinions with me, let's have a chat, shall we?

1. The Design

The first thing that pops is the design. You immediately get drawn in by a beautiful design or really want to get out if it's something that bothers you (flickering things, colors that are too bright, or maybe too dark, fonts that are hard to read, letters that are too small). My advice is to have minimal design, colors that really go nicely together and minimal to less animations. Also pay a lot of attention to your fonts. I once had a quite small font (one of my first themes) and my friend told me to change it, or make it bigger because it was way to small and really hard to read. Oh, and pop-ups... those are just... I absolutely hate when I am already reading and right in the middle of the screen, covering what I was reading pops a cute little window and it only closes if you like the page or stare at it for a while to see the small "x". 

The design of the blog is basically your blog's first interaction with your reader so make sure it's something that you like and represents you. 

2. Photography

You might say that the content is what matters but photography is actually part of your content. Photography is there not only to make your post pretty, but to actually show the reader what you are talking about and they are a full support to your text. The quality of the pictures is so, so important for me, which is why I always try my best with mine. I postponed or actually never posted certain posts because I was not pleased with the photos (they were not bad, but they were not as I wanted them for the post). You don't need a fancy DSLR, but decent quality pictures, a good sizing, nice lighting will do the trick. Small, blurry, underexposed pictures though are not so pretty to look at, and the readers will not be.. drawn into reading more and more. For me, if the pictures are pretty I want to see and read more, but if they're not... 

3. Content

A content that gives no value to the reader will not make the reader want to come back to your blog. Always try to give something to your reader to enjoy, give him value, help him learn something or give him information that could be helpful. For example if you tried a foundation, and you have dry skin, and you absolutely hated it because it was way too dry. maybe mention that, and also mention that it might work for oily skin better, try to give value to those that don't have dry skin too.

If there is no value, then... what do you think will happen? 

4. The Language

The way you speak translates here in the way you write. You should always address kindly and friendly to your reader, we are all friends after all. But, there is always a but, I don't always enjoy, personally, when someone is too colloquial, I do like it in some cases, where it is intended to be used like that to accentuate certain things, but not as a general way of writing reviews and fashion posts.  

5. The Big Mistakes

Typo's not included. Typo's are somehow accepted because we all know what it is like looking for the missing letter in the dark at 1..2...3 a.m so... we shall pretend that we don't see them either (my laptop trolls me a lot with typos and I never see them...). The mistakes that actually bother, not only me, but others too are the ones that come out of not knowing the right way to say some things, the in

Summed up these are the things that make like or dislike a blog and I would be very curious to know which are yours. Leave me a comment down below!

6. Consistency

If a blog is not consistent there are many chances I will not want to visit it again. I know that it may be quite hard to maintain a schedule (I am bad at it too, because of the little time) but if I see that the blogger rarely posts, or the posting schedule is quite chaotic there are big chances that I will not revisit. I only accept this if I really like that blogger or the blog, but even then...


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  1. You are totally right with this. I remember that your blog was one of the first that I found when I started researching products before buying, and I kept coming back to read stuff because it seemed so organised.
    Now I'm trying to bring mine to the same level.. but I think it will take a while (I lack free time for now, so I'll probably wait for summer before making any changes)

    1. Oh thank you, Romina! You are so lovely!
      I am really happy to hear not only that you agree with me, but that my blog was helpful to you!


  2. Articolul este foarte util pentru incepatori

  3. Babe, I am totally in love with your photography! Un mare liike!

    1. Thank you so much! It means a lot to me!

  4. Hello!
    You have a typo in the second sentence at chapter 6.:))
    And as an advice, I think you could do something with the pagination buttons.The background turns to white when is active and you can't see it at all(maybe switch colors with the text or give it a little darker shade).:D

  5. Articolele copy/paste de pe paginile companiilor, cum ar fi: "Noutăți de la Farmec" cu textul si imaginile full copy/paste de pe pagina de facebook/instagram sau site-ul producatorului. Like, why on Earth are you writing about it? Daca ma intereseaza, stiu si eu sa dau un search pe google :) De obicei nici nu deschid articolele respective, si inchid si asa-zisul blog. Evil me, stiu :)

    1. Da, de asta nu am eu pe blog comunicate de presa... Stiu ce spui si nu imi plac nici mie si nu le citesc...


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