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I haven' shown you a nail related post in a while so I decided it was the time to put on some fun colors onto my nails. Pink is my current obsession, I have pink bags, pink coat, pink dresses, pink... nails with pink polka dots. Yeah, I love my pinks. Today's manicure is so easy to do and it only requires a few nail polishes and a dotting tool, if you don't have one you can use a toothpick or a bobby pin.

This design just makes me happy every time I look at it. It's fun , easy and awesome fr summer. The shades that I used are Cotton Candy, Strawberry and Iceberg White all from Avon. If there's one thing that Avon does right is nail polish.

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  1. Ce simpatice sunt! Și eu tot o manichiură „îmbulinată” urmează să postez. :D

  2. Tu nu te-ai plictisit sa ai unghii atat de frumoase? Serios acum :)) glumesc, glumesc. Iti admir mereu gherutele, de la forma pana la model. You rock!
    Te puuup! xx

    1. :D Thank you, thank you! Oh, stop it you, thank you, dear!
      Te pup!

  3. Imi plac la nebunie manichiurile imbulinate :) ti-a iesit foarte bine.Pupici

  4. These look so cute! I wish I was this good at nails! :)



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