Top 5 Bloggers That Inspire Me | July 2016


Inspiration... I find inspiration everywhere, but to be honest bloggers and maybe some vloggers have been a huge source of my inspiration, a beautiful way for me to relax and actually meet some wonderful people. I found people that are absolutely amazing, through blogging and also people that show all of us that almost everything is possible if you work for it.

The first blog that I want to talk about, and blogger of course is The Outsiderz written by Patricia Blaj. I found an article of hers, from her older blog a while ago, it was shared by some other bloggers that I followed, and I clicked. That night I read a lot of her posts, don't know the number, but I could not stop... she was and she is now an amazing woman. The message that she was to spread in the world is something that I truly support and the confidence that she inspires, not only to me, but to others that have been put in the situations that she describes is something that I appreciate a lot. If you want to know what I am talking about you can read her manifesto here. 

Another blogger that I love is Diana from Dyrogue. I don't remember how I found her, but I was more than happy to do so. She is different, she writes in such a beautiful way, her pictures are always dreamy, and for a little while, when I read her posts, I just forget everything else and enjoy my read. She has longer posts, but so enjoyable... 

For some honesty when reviewing products I go to Alexandra's best feature, I think, is the fact that she is trust worthy, she always talks about new launches, and she says exactly what she thinks no matter what. I've been following her blog for years and I think it's worth checking out, I bet you will find something that inspires you or that you've wanted to know if it's worth the cash. 

Lydia Elise Millen is a fashion blogger from the UK. What I love about her, besides the awesome photography and the lovely humor is the fact that she gives value through each post. She often talks about really nice subjects in her fashion posts and I really enjoy the read, and the instant smile that I have because of her sprinkle of jokes. You can check her out at

Negin Mirsalehi was probably one of the first bloggers that I found and probably the one that made me aspire at once being a blogger myself. I found her through instagram a while back, when I created my account. Besides the fact that she is stunning, I find her blog just a true inspiration, a project, something that I find such an incredible thing to achieve. 


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  1. Iti multumesc frumos ♥ Ma bucura tare mult ca ceea ce fac te inspira!

    1. Lots of love from me to you! Iti iubesc blogul si tot ceea ce faci! :*

    2. Lots of love from me to you! Iti iubesc blogul si tot ceea ce faci! :*

  2. Aww, I just found you. You made my day. Good luck with your blog, I love your flatlays!



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